Be Connected With Your Friends Via Gmail Chat

There are many people who want to be connected with their friends and family and if you are among such people then surely Chat is designed for you. Gmail Chat is actually an instant messaging service attached to Gmail account so for accessing this service you first need to have a Gmail account. It is free to get an account of Gmail (you can read more about gmail sign up). Once you have a Gmail account then next thing to do is to use Google Talk which lets you to send and receive instant messages. However, you can chat with only those friends who have a Gmail account. I suggest you to refer this instant messaging service to your friends. When you have your friends with this account then you will be able to remain connected with them whenever you desire.



Best of all, you can access GTalk (Gmail Chat) service from your mobile phone. You just need to have an internet connection on your cell phone and after that you are free to go for Gtalk on mobile. You do not have to pay a single penny from your pocket for using this chat service. It is an affordable option than text messaging. Normally, your network provider charges fee for text messages while Google charges no fee for instant messaging.

There are some more things which increase the value of Gmail chat service for you such as video chat, video call, file sharing and group chat.

Video chat: If you have a webcam then you are free to go for video chat. It is the best service for those who are living alone in abroad. They are free to watch their family on the webcam whenever they desire.

File sharing: Sometimes, you want to share a picture and document with your friends and family and good feature of GTalk is that it lets you to share a file through it.

Video Call: You can even call to anyone in the world through GTalk. You just need to buy some credit for call and after that you are free to be connected with your buddies and family. Call rates are quite affordable and you can buy enough minutes for $50.

Group Chat: It is another best option available for the GMail users. You can start a group chat quite comfortably. It is a fun to chat with more than one friend.

Stop waiting anymore, just go and start enjoyable chat with your buddies from GTalk. You can read more about the software at this page.